::THE.DIALEKT GOES ITALY:: least online. well, you'll see, just hit 'play' in the lower left corner.

Thanks to Erik and  for this lovely video!


To note: a furry, disheveled-looking feline, not very randy, originally found within
the Bermuda triangle but now safely curled up behind the iron curtain, has been
confirmed into the dialekt church of latter-day cat-snatchers. About to dig his claws
into our new recordings. Purrs quickly during daytime hours, can’t purr at all after
dark. Bids for his release start at €1000.

Send bank account details to



Handsome and extremely musical monster, 85 years old collectively, great sense
of humour, 3 heads, 30 fingers and with fantastic prospects seeks bass player with
talent, enthusiasm, a love of electro-guitar pop and the ability to 'blue steel'.

Our beloved Randy has been called up for National (table) Service in California.
Help mend our broken hearts by being his ideal replacement and responding to
this ad.

Call 0177 371 6571 or e-mail for a good time.



Discover why relationships can be such fickle things, learn that the world is no longer
a black and white film, ponder the link between hormones and religion, enjoy some
frankly impressive stereo keyboard noises, jump up and down, spot the missing
gism and inexplicably feel better about yourself. All in a shade over ten minutes.

Our debut EP is available either online or by contacting us by any means, and we
think you should hear it.



Barnaby Pole /'bigbarns/ [guitar, vocals] adv.
Not to rattle or to roll, but to shake.

Patrick Dettling /'sepatrick/ [drums] adj.
The desire to insert a contemplative pause into a sentence for dramatic affect.

Robin Dudley /big'daddy/ [bass] v.
To lose the ability to talk slowly when drunk, especially in a Black Country accent.

Stewart Hill /nimble'fingers/ [keyboard] n.
A neurological disorder, similar to OCD, whereby sufferers need to keep hair length
at exactly one-quarter of that of their body.


The Dialekt firmly believe in that old saying, "Contentment is the enemy of
invention." Which is why four different people from London, Wales, Swabia
and Seattle moved to Berlin, one of Europe's poorest and coldest cities, to
make music. Being perverse is more important than being comfortable. Or warm.
Everything slows down in the cold - water, libidos, atoms. Everything apart from
the desire to make great music.


On a bad day, we moan about the dark; hunger for hunger; discuss, at length,
the brunette from the cafe; come to no conclusions; fail to keep our chops up,
as Randy would have it; break strings but not hearts; argue with a keyboard part;
lose the argument; procrastinate until night fall; repeat.

On a good day, we tear things apart; laugh about language; find a spark for the
gas heater; make a racket and then re-string it; agree that swearing is both big
and clever; graft;laugh; make stuff up; talk to the brunette from the cafe; decide
that it's a really great tune; make people giggle as if they' ve done something
naughty; animate; put it all back together.

So turn up the stereo and get ready to smile. The Dialekt have suffered for
your enjoyment.



What we wanted        song     lyriks 

Excited no more        song     lyriks 

Get along with me     song     lyriks 







Her father´s eyes        song     lyriks 

Only till dawn              song     lyriks 

[CU] next tuesday       song     lyriks 


::JANUARY 2008::

Date: 22 January
Venue: Bang Bang Club (Neue Promenade 10, S Hackescher Markt)
Start: 9:30pm
Supporting: The Michelles (London)
Cost: tba

::OCTOBER 2007::

Gigs on hold while we record some new songs, to be posted here shortly....